Brett Lohn

Brett Lohn has huge admiration and respect for horses, borne from years of artistic study. Every piece of art that you see on this website was produced by Brett. It would be impossible to spend so much time studying and painting a subject without developing a strong love for it.

Brett unashamedly admits to being hypnotised by the beauty of thoroughbreds in motion. The results of this infatuation are clear in his interpretation of the effortless grace that these animals exude as they cover the ground at speed in so many of his paintings.

Horses possess great strength of character, which in turn presents a challenge to the artist, especially one who is able to incorporate realism into their approach. With his ‘head and neck’ portraits Brett is able to render an intimate insight into the personality of the horse. This comes as a result of great observation and love for his craft.

He feels strongly that nature has reached a level of achievement that is without parallel. Nothing is accidental, nothing random. Any attempt to ‘interpret’ what we see through a series of vague brushstrokes is a dilution of its perfection. To ‘capture the essence’ is not enough.

Brett describes his work as painting ‘what the eye feels’. He creates a level of detail that offers no more or less than is present in reality. His paintings are natural, relaxed and extremely contemporary. His horses demand that you take a moment to stop and breathe.

Brett maintains a website for his deeply beautiful non equestrian art too. He'd love you to take a peek here.

Away from the easel Brett particularly enjoys racing, although often he is to be found centre course with his sketchpad, as opposed to the stands. His favourite UK racecourses are Cheltenham and Goodwood. He paints to Otis Redding.